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Enjoy meal with your 5 senses

There is a specialty material of each region is in sushi.
Of course, also in Miyagi.
It may greatly delight your senses.

Process of Sushi making

- 1貫の寿司ができるまで - それは決して容易な事ではありません。
How do we make SUSHI every day? It is by no means an easy task.

True Sushi chef pours much effort into preparation.


Our channel

Let's make healthy and low calorie dishes with our videos!

How to make

綺麗な巻き寿司や ちらし寿司が作りたい!本格的な軍艦巻きや にぎり寿司にも挑戦してみたい! だけど 難しそう。ご家庭でも簡単に美味しくお寿司が作れる方法やお寿司以外の一品料理の 作り方を寿司職人が動画でご紹介します。いつでもどこでもネットで楽しい料理教室体験を!

Sushi chef's cooking program.
You can learn Japanese-style cuisine that can be easily made at home. How to make sushi rolls and authentic sushi, A dish menu that makes a party table gorgeous, It is a program that raises your cooking skill.
Start in April 2021

みやぎ 新・すし談義

宮城県内のすし組合加盟店からピックアップして、お店やお勧めメニューをご紹介しています。 古典的な江戸前寿司と、地物の素材を活かした地方の郷土寿司との違いや、宮城ならではの ご当地ネタを発見してみて下さい。

Our Youtube program :
"Conversation with Sushi-chef"
Discover the difference between classic Edomae-Sushi and Local-Sushi. Miyagi's local-sushi includes not only seafood but also beef sashimi [raw meat].
Harakomesi [はらこ飯] made with fresh salmon is also a local dish of Miyagi.
All video languages are Japanese.
Start in February 2021


Gift certificate for sushi
can be used in Japan partnership store



それを私たちは伝統の二文字で表現していますが、寿司という料理においても、遠い先人がずっと守ってきたからこそ現代に伝わってきたものです。 長く守られてきた物事には全て大切な意味や理由が込められています。例えば、なぜ、美しい笹切りが寿司に添えられるようになったのか? なぜ、桶に美しく流し盛りされた寿司は五色をメインにしているのか?そして、寿司の単位は個ではなく質量を表す貫で呼ばれるのか?これには全て理由があります。 私たち寿司職人たちは、理由と共に受け継がれた技術と知識を後世にも継承すべく、時代に合わせた進化への挑戦と歴史ある無形文化遺産を継承する者として誇りを持って日々の仕事に取り組んでいます。

[葉蘭/笹切 製作:鈴木 大]

Inherit beyond the times

Japanese people express it as TRADITION, Sushi also,Japanese people kept keeping it for a long time, so it was transmitted to the present age. All things that have been kept long have important meanings and reasons. For example, why beautiful bamboo leaf ornaments are attached to sushi, Reason why the traditional way of decorating sushi is based on 5 colors, All these have reasons. Our sushi chefs are working hard every day to inherit the inherited skills and knowledge to future generations. But inheritance is not easy. Not only cooking skills, it is also necessary to inherit the knowledge of every seafood and thorough hygiene management.

[ Bamboo leaves decoration made for sushi - Author : Masaru Suzuki ]

Which is your favorite?

極めてシンプルで極めて上質 洗練された美味しさを味わう
Extremely simple, Extremely fine quality.
Enjoy the sophisticated taste.

To eat safe sushi

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